SATIM*.rar is the zipped ANSWER-TIMES .mdb Access database file and is the full source file required to run SATIM on the ANSWER-TIMES platform.

DMD_PRJ contains the useful energy demands for services
TCH_SUP is supply side data incl. refineries and primary energy
TCH_PWR is the electricity sector data
TCH_TRA is transport sector demand side data
TCH_COM is the commercial (services) sector demand side data
TCH_RES is the residential sector demand side data
TCH_AGR is the agricultural sector demand side data
tch_ind_is is the iron and steel industry subsector demand side data
tch_ind_nm is the non-metallic minerals industry subsector demand side data
tch_ind_pp is the pulp and paper industry subsector demand side data
TCH_IND is all the other industry sub-sectors aggregated including mining